Mango Nice cream

Mango Nice cream

If you are looking for a quick and healthy dessert recipe, we've got something you'll love. This recipe is made only with 3 ingredients, and it's super delicious. We hope you enjoy 💛

Mango nice cream 

300 g frozen mango 

250 ml coconut cream 

1 tbsp hey`Mo Immunity Blend 

Measure the frozen mango into a blender. You can either use the pre-frozen cubes, or dice and freeze fresh mango. Pour in the coconut cream and 1 scoop of Hey`Mo Immunity Blend powder. Blend until smooth. If necessary, you can add more liquid to make the blending easier, but for best results, use as little liquid as possible to make the mixture wonderfully thick and rich. If the mixture melts too much during blending, you can put it in the freezer for a while to set before serving. Serve with fresh fruit and coconut flakes, for example. 


Recipe and photo by Jutta Eveliina Rantanen 

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