Ice popcicles

Ice popcicles

hey`Mo popsicle sticks are wonderfully fresh and healthy quick treat for the hot summer days! They are also super easy to make. All you need is the ice-cream moulds, hey`Mo blends and the liquif of your choice. Top up with berries, for extra vitamin boost. Add them to the moulds before the liquid mixture and pour the mixture over the berries. Freeze and enjoy!  


Immunity boost popsicle sticks:  

3 dl of juice (e.g. orange-mango or citrus-based mixed juice, or coconut water)  

1 scoop of Immunity blend powder  

Mix the powder well with the liquid. Pour mixture into moulds and freeze overnight. Ready to be enjoyed! 


Super Greens popsicle sticks:  

1,5 dl water  

1,5 dl vegetable milk  

1 tablespoon of chia seeds  

1/2 scoop Super Greens blend powder  


Mix Super Greens blend powder with water and add chia seeds. Allow to swell for 5 minutes and stir again. Pour evenly into three moulds. Pour vegetable milk over the top and freeze. 

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