Beauty with hey`Mo

Beauty with hey`Mo

For us wellbeing is beauty. It feels good and makes you glow. Sometimes our beauty may be in a need of a little boost. Skin and hair may need a little extra glow and metabolism support. hey`Mo`s recipe for beauty offer an easy and enjoyable way to take care of yourself - holistic beauty bundle for glowing you.



Nutrition for beauty

The body breaks down building blocks for itself from the food we eat. To make sure you get the vitamins and minerals you need, eat the recommended diet, including at least 5 handfuls of veggies, fruits and berries daily.
Digested nutrients are made available to both the skin and hair via the bloodstream. The body prioritises the intake of vitamins and minerals to where they are most needed. In times of scarcity, the skin, such as hair and nails, are usually left without. Nutrient groups that are essential for beauty includes in proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, as well as various phytochemicals such as antioxidants.



Beautiful and healthy hair and nails

Dietary supplements can be used to supplement the diet and ensure nutrient intake. hey`Mo`s Skin, Hair & Nails beauty gummies contain vitamins and minerals that contribute to the well-being of skin, hair and nails. They contain biotin, zinc and selenium, which help to keep hair normal. The zinc in the product helps to keep nails normal and vitamin E helps to protect cells from oxidative stress. We recommend enjoying Skin, Hair & Nails gummies in the evening, as part of your beauty routine. Night is the body's time to renew and rebuild.

Youthful and glowing skin

Collagen formation starts to decline from the age of 25. Collagen supplements aim to replace lost collagen production and act on the skin in two ways. Firstly, they produce the building blocks of collagen (and elastin) and secondly, they aim to stimulate collagen production. hey`Mo's collagen range allows you to choose collagen in powder or liquid form, depending on your needs. They contain a proven dose of collagen.

In addition, healthy skin needs more than just collagen. This need is met by hey`Mo Beauty gummies, a uniquely formulated product designed to promote beauty holistically. The gummies contain ubiquinone (Q10), pine and grape skin extract and selenium, which helps keep hair and nails normal. The product also contains plant-derived vitamin D3, which, in addition to strong immunity, is involved in the cell division process. 



Take care of your metabolism

hey'Mo Apple cider vinegar gummies give your metabolism a boost. They combine great taste in an effective recipe. The fresh apple-flavoured gummy contain 1000 mg of apple cider vinegar and chromium, which helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels and normal macronutrient metabolism. Vitamin C helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness and promotes psychological functions. A functional formula that provides a boost to the body and mind.

For a holistic beauty treatment, we also recommend hey`Mo Super Greens blend, which nourishes and beautifies both inside and out. The near perfect blend ensures your daily dose of greens is fulfilled. The powder is also suitable for face masks! Use the blend to instantly prepare a hydrating mask that will leave your skin glowing. Click here for instructions.

Holistic beauty

The simple path to beauty consists of a varied plant-based diet, adequate water intake and rest. A little planning can go a long way to making this a reality in a busy day. For example, if your daily intake of fruit, berries and vegetables doesn't seem to meet your daily recommendations, superfood powders are an easy way to supplement your diet. Add a scoop of Fruits & Berries powder to your morning porridge or smoothie. Carry a water bottle on the go and drink small sips throughout the day. Clear the evening well before bedtime of unnecessary stimuli.

hey`Mo's holistic recipe for beauty starts from the inside. Complete your beauty routine with hey`Mo's delicious beauty products and enjoy a glowing everyday life.