hey'Mo - the story behind the brand

hey'Mo - the story behind the brand

hey'Mo is a family of health food products that will put a smile on your face. The name hey'Mo is inspired by the Finnish word heimo, which means a tribe or a family - a community that shares the same values and goals. Our goal is to make wellbeing easy and tasty, and possible for everyone.

hey'Mo is a new-age supplement brand: delicious, colorful and full of life. We don't just want to sell supplements. We want to promote well-being in everyday life. We want to share the joy of well-being and offer effective and enjoyable products that are easy to use. When products are easy to use and taste good, they are more likely to be included in a daily life. 

Could you enjoy taking vitamins?

Yes, and definitely! Delicious taste is essential for us and that's why all hey'Mo products taste great. But first and foremost, the products are good for you. They contribute to the well-being of body and mind and take care of beautiful skin, hair and nails. The range consists of gummies and functional superfood mixes and beauty cocktails, which are made from high quality ingredients without artificial or added sweeteners.

Delicious gummies

Gummies are maybe the easest and hassle-free way to supplement your daily vitamins. Our gummies taste delicious too. So good, in fact, that taking your daily vitamins can be the highlight of the day. There's no need to drink water or swallow big tablets to enjoy a gummie. You can chew them like candy, but like healthy candy. 

Strawberry-flavored multivitamin gummies provide 10 essential vitamins and minerals for overall well-being. When everyday life is challenging, peace can be achieved with hey'Mo Ashwagandha! Hair, Skin & Nails beauty bars contain 9 vitamins and minerals for skin, hair, and nails. The range also includes a fresh and fruity Omega-3 gummie and chrome-enhanced apple cider vinegar gummies.

Mix, stir and enjoy!

hey'Mo Superfood blends are made in Finland from nutrient-rich natural ingredients like fruits, berries and super greens. All blends are designed to meet the needs of everyday life. The blends can be used on their own mixed with water, in smoothies or as part of wellness recipes.

Immunity blend is designed to support a strong immune system. Fruits & Berries blend is an easy way to add fruist and berries to your day. Super Greens serves up a super blend of nutrient-rich leafy greens, as the name suggests. Energy & Focus ensures you stay strong and sharp when you need it.


Beauty Cocktails

Inner beauty always shines brighter! hey'Mo beauty cocktails contain 10 g of highly absorbable Peptan® bovine collagen and hyaluronic acid, berry and fruit powders and vitamins. The beauty cocktails are made in Finland and support youthful and supple skin, strong nails and beautiful hair. Mix with water or smoothies and enjoy!

Strong expertise made in Finland

Behind hey'Mon is an innovative and energetic team. Our office can be found in Kruunuhaka, Helsinki, where we work with passion to create food supplements that we would love to eat. We are a small group of long-standing wellness professionals, and we like to do things in a new way. We believe wellbeing should be like life: colourful, joyful and full of delicious flavors!