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Our story


Taking care of yourself and living a healthy life has never tasted as good!

hey’Mo is not your regular supplement brand. To be honest, we are the opposite. Delicious, colorful and full of energy - everything to make your healthy habits fun. Just as music brings your workout to life, hey’Mo adds flavor to your health routine. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

We know the drill… All those promises like eating less sugar, working out more, getting those daily steps in, going to bed on time, eating more greens. Everything just because #healthy! Yes, we strive for a healthy lifestyle as well, however, it’s not always easy to maintain. By creating products that are natural, nourishing and free of nasties, we are here to bring you joy while maintaining your habits and reaching your goals. So that these promises turn into actions that are easy and fun to keep.

You can count on us! hey’Mo will elevate your health, support your lifestyle and educate you on the supplements that you choose to consume. Without any exceptions, we have created all our products carefully with only the best ingredients, so you only get what you need and what helps to come closer to your goals.

Our name hey'Mo was inspired from the Finnish word heimo, which means tribe or a family.

So come a little closer, join our tribe and let us make your health routines fun!

With love, from Finland